Homemade food, reimagined: we asked executive chef Károly Balogh about the kitchen.

The area around Debrecen, the Alföld, is rich in quality ingredients, whether it’s meat and dairy products or vegetables – what can they buy locally? Is this kind of sustainability an aspiration?

It’s always worth renewing! One of the most unique things about gastronomy is that I can combine basic traditions with modern style, so I can constantly create something new. Thanks to my international experience, I can take food preparation to new dimensions. I strive to use the best ingredients when preparing the food. Fortunately, in our region, you can find wonderful handicraft products, which have found a place among kitchen ingredients. I have a very good relationship with most of the producers.


The hotel’s restaurant promises to represent the highest level of gastronomy. What does this mean in detail?

“I believe that successful catering begins in the kitchen!” The Winestone Restaurant and bar does not only appeal to the guests of the hotel, but also offers an attractive gastronomic experience to the public in Debrecen, with the aim that the offer competes with the surrounding restaurants. When compiling the menu, the primary consideration was the inclusion of local, Hungarian specialties in a reimagined presentation, leaving the homemade flavors. Using quality ingredients from local producers, we want to serve our guests the most delicious dishes. We also keep special dietary needs in mind so that we can serve our guests as widely as possible.

Earlier, you said that the most important thing on the plate is the taste – but what could actually be the psychology of this: what makes food taste good?

The unique taste that we represent with our created dishes is light, fresh and modern, where we use creativity to create interesting combinations of already tasty dishes. We prepare traditional dishes using today’s modern techniques and serve them with French elegance, tailored to the needs of our guests.


Mention a dish/dishes that we might not be able to get anywhere else in Debrecen, so it’s worth visiting even without being a hotel guest.

Visit us for a dinner, and you can tell your loved ones and friends why you should choose our hotel and restaurant. Where we don’t forget: taste is the most important thing!


Hospitality itself faces a significant labor shortage, but a four-star hotel needs professional kitchen staff. Where did your colleagues come from? What did you build the team on?

Many years of experience, creativity and passion for the profession of chef were decisive in the selection process. The high-level working conditions and benefit packages provided by Bajcsy Invest Kft. and the Accor group must be mentioned – and last but not least, the salaries are outstanding compared to other sectors of the hotel industry. In this way, we can hopefully cooperate with colleagues in the longer term, which provides security these days and is also important for employees. My young, dynamic team is following the path I have set, every detail is in the hands of reliable professionals.




The Winestone restaurant and bar of the Mercure Debrecen promises a milieu that is unmatched locally: a real splash of color in the somewhat gray and monotonous local offer. It is a great opportunity for both hotel guests and external visitors to experience the new scale of gastronomy – Debrecen is enriched with culinary art that is unique on a regional level, mostly preserving and showing local roots, or carefully rethinking them. Executive chef Károly Balogh knows no compromises: according to him, good hospitality starts in the kitchen,

for this reason, his team consists of highly qualified professionals, with whom his goal is none other than to represent the highest level of gastronomy. Together with his colleagues, he works to ensure that guests can enjoy the best dishes every day and have a real taste experience. He claims that the same expectations apply to traditional and modern dishes: taste is the most important thing on every plate. Mercure Debrecen’s cuisine is simple, fresh, light and refreshing international cuisine, where dishes preserving local traditions are prepared in combination with modern kitchen technology.



Anyone who drinks wine knows well: what goes into the glass is an important aspect, be it color, origin, body or year of the harvest. You want something different after a tiring day, something else for a light dessert. Wine enthusiasts can enjoy impeccable service in the hotel’s Winestone bar, because in addition to the abundant selection – where the best wine regions and wineries are presented – trained colleagues try to enjoy even more and get to know the characteristics of the divine wines more deeply. Enjoy and then crown the day! Enter the Mercure Debrecen and choose from the specialties! Taste the selected wines of the Winestone bar!


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