House Rules

We welcome our dear guest to our hotel and wish you a good rest, a pleasant refreshment and a recreation rich in experiences. To achieve this, all our employees do their best, and at the same time, the cooperation of Guests is also indispensable. We provide help with this with our House Rules below.



Before using the Hotel services, the Guest must fill out a registration form.

  • The Guest receives a card as a room key, which requires the registration of the Guest(s) living in the room.
    • Registration means filling out the registration form accurately and verifying the identity of the Guest(s). Filling out the registration form is mandatory for all persons with the form sent in advance or by filling it out on the spot.
  • The presentation of the identity document is a contractual condition deemed essential for the hotel.
  • By signing the notification form, the Guest consents to the fact that the service provider will process it for the purpose of fulfilling its obligations defined in the relevant legislation (especially the immigration police and the tourist tax) and for the purpose of verifying the fulfillment, as long as the competent authority can verify the fulfillment of the obligations defined in the relevant legislation.
  • The provision of mandatory data by the Guest is a condition for using the Hotel service.
  • Mandatory data: name, address, citizenship, identity card/passport number, place of birth and date of birth.
  • The rooms can be occupied from 15:00 on the day of arrival.
  • Earlier occupancy of the room is possible based on prior agreement, subject to occupancy, for which the Hotel is entitled to charge a surcharge.


  • On the day of departure, the Guest must leave the room with their luggage and belongings by 12:00, or 10:00 in the case of a group, and hand in the chip card received at check-in at the reception.
  • In the event of late vacating the room, the Hotel is entitled to charge the surcharge specified in the contract.
  • The Guest must settle the consideration for his stay at the Hotel, including the other services used, no later than before his final departure from the hotel in the manner specified in the Hotel contract.
  • In the event of refusal of payment for any reason, the Hotel is entitled to withhold the Guest’s belongings brought to the hotel and enforce its right of lien on them.
  • In case of departure without payment, in addition to filing a police report, the Hotel enforces its claim against the Guest by legal means, the costs of which are paid by the Guest.
  • We would like to draw the attention of our dear guests to the fact that our hotel will charge the amount of fees for services incurred and not paid for afterwards to the guest’s bank card or bill them afterwards.


  • Only Guests registered at the reception can stay in the Hotel’s rooms. 
  • The Guest is responsible for the behavior of his visitor, including possible damage. The Hotel excludes liability for damage caused by the visitor to the Guest and/or third parties.
  • The Hotel will charge a daily price/rack rate for any Guest exceeding the number of guests specified in the room reservation.


  • Guests under the age of 18 may use the Hotel’s services  only  when accompanied by a parent  or with the parent’s  written permission .
  • The child’s attendants are responsible for the safety of the child and for any damage caused by the child.
  • Persons under the age of 18 may not consume alcohol on the premises of the Hotel or at its events . The parent of a person under the age of 18, or a person authorized by him or her, must ensure compliance with this obligation. The parent or the person authorized by him/her is fully responsible for the legal, moral and financial consequences of breaching this obligation.
  • Our child-friendly equipment, listed below, is available to our guests free of charge in a limited number by prior arrangement: baby bed, baby bathtub, toilet seat, high chair in the restaurant.


  • Only pets with the necessary vaccinations and a “pet health booklet” are allowed to stay in the Hotel area   .
  • The Hotel welcomes small pets (under 15 kg) and clean pets (dogs, cats, other pets upon consultation) for a separate service fee.
  • Only pets whose behavior does not disturb hotel guests are allowed to stay in the hotel.
  • The use of a leash is mandatory when driving and walking in the Hotel area.
  • For reasons of public health, pets are not allowed in the internal communal areas of the Hotel ( restaurant  , etc.)  .
  • Pet owners may not leave their pet unattended in the hotel area or in the room.
  • We can only clean the room when the animal is not there.
  • The owner of the pet must clean up the  excrement immediately , otherwise an additional fee will be charged.
  • The owner of the animal is financially responsible for the damage caused by the pet.
  • A maximum of 2 pets can stay in one room.


  • The Guest is obliged to use the Hotel’s tools and equipment  as intended , and to preserve the integrity of his material possessions.
  • The Hotel’s furnishings and fittings may only be taken out of the Hotel’s area with the prior written permission of the Hotel.
  • Any rearrangement of the Hotel room or relocation of furniture may only be carried out by the Hotel’s staff or its appointed representative.
  • The Guest is obliged to notify the hotel of the failure of any device or equipment of the Hotel. The Guest is not entitled to correct the error himself or to attempt to correct it. The Hotel shall not be liable for any damages resulting from this, it shall be borne by the Guest who caused the damage.


  • The hotel has a Wi-Fi system,  the use of which is free of charge .
  • The Guest receives the Wi-Fi connection process upon check-in at the hotel, at the same time as receiving the room card.
  • The Hotel does not guarantee the continuous, uninterrupted operation and availability of Wi-Fi.
  • The Guest uses the service at his own risk and responsibility.


  • Calls within the hotel are free of charge.
  • The use of the room telephone is subject to a fee. The Hotel will automatically charge the cost of the telephone call to the Guest’s room account with a Hotel surcharge based on the rates of the service provider’s telephone company.
  • Additional costs incurred during incorrect use of the telephone by the Guest shall be borne by the Guest.


  • The Hotel operates a closed-circuit camera system in the building and its external (street) and internal (courtyard) environment for the property and personal safety of the Guests and the Hotel, which continuously makes and records recordings 24 hours a day.
  • In addition, the hotel has a 10-hour security service between 8:00 p.m. and 6:00 a.m. every day.
  • In the event of a fire , the Guest  must follow the escape route posted in the room and the instructions of the on-site firefighter . Fire extinguishers can be found in the corridors of the Hotel on each floor. In the event of a fire, the Guest must notify the reception immediately.
  • It is forbidden to operate your own iron, kettle, coffee maker and other electrical devices that are not part of the usual travel needs  – excluding laptops, notebooks, tablets, cameras, video cameras –  in the Hotel room  .
  • In the hotel room,  it is forbidden to use a device charged from the mains while taking a shower or using a bathtub, with running water, or in a bathtub filled with water , due to the risk of electric shock!


  • With the help of his key card , the Guest  can turn on the electrical equipment and  open the door of his room .
  • The key card must be placed in the card reader next to the door.
  • If the Guest  loses his card during his stay at the Hotel, he must inform the reception immediately  ! When leaving, please hand in the card at the Reception .


The Hotel prohibits the entry of the following items:

  1.  things classified as corrosive, flammable chemicals or substances in the current legislation  ,
  2. substances classified as flammable and/or explosive in current legislation   ,
  3. fireworks, firecrackers , their parts, components,
  4. waste,  something harmful to the environment or health,
  5. weapon, object classified as a weapon ,
  6. psychotropic substance
  • Upon the prior written request of the Guest, the Hotel may, in writing, authorize the entry of things that cannot be brought into the Hotel area.
  • If the Guest brings something that cannot be brought into the Hotel area without the Hotel’s prior written permission, the Hotel may remove it or have it removed at the Guest’s expense.
  • The Hotel excludes liability for damage caused by things brought in without permission.
  • The Guest bears full legal and financial responsibility for all damage and injury caused by things brought in without permission to other Guests, third parties or the Hotel.


  • The Hotel  is a non-smoking hotel . Pursuant to this , smoking and the use of electronic cigarettes are prohibited in the closed rooms of the Hotel (including guest rooms), public areas, and the entire open area belonging to the hotel – with the exception of designated smoking areas  .
  • We would like to draw our guests’ attention to the fact that we charge an extra cleaning fee of €100/room to guests who smoke in the room despite a warning .
  • If, due to the illegal behavior of any Guest or other person staying on the Hotel premises, the hotel is fined by the competent authority based on the relevant legislation, the Hotel is entitled to pass on the amount of the fine to the person who demonstrated the illegal behavior, or to demand its payment.


  • Hotel employees clean the rooms continuously from 8 am. The Guest is in “Do not disturb! By hanging a “Do not disturb” warning sign on the outside doorknob of the room door, it clearly indicates that the Hotel staff should not disturb, knock or enter the room.
  • The “Do Not Disturb! The Guest places the “Do not disturb” warning sign on the outside handle of the room door at his own risk and responsibility. If on the day of the Guest’s departure, the Hotel’s staff leave the door handle of the Guest’s room with the message “Do not disturb! “Do not disturb” warning sign is found, and the Guest does not respond to the Hotel’s phone call, so the Hotel’s staff can enter the room at any time after 12:00.
  • In an extraordinary situation (e.g. fire, terrorist attack, etc.) without a prior phone call, or when the Hotel reasonably assumes, based on the information available to it, that the Guest’s life, health, physical integrity, property security is or may be in danger in the room, and the Guest is the Hotel does not respond to your phone call, the Hotel’s employees are entitled to enter the room.
  • The “Do not disturb! The Hotel is not responsible for any damage or harm resulting from improper use of the “Do not disturb” warning sign.


  • The Hotel   cleans the room once a day, between 8:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m.
  • If, during this period, the people cleaning the room  leave the door on the outside of the room saying “Do not disturb! | “Do not disturb” warning sign is found, the cleaning of the room will not be carried out , therefore the Guest cannot claim a fee reduction or compensation.
  • During the daily cleaning, the following is carried out: ventilation ● bed adjustment (if no valuables or personal items have been placed on it) ● trash can emptying ● toilet, shower, bathtub wiping ● toilet paper, toilet paper replacement.
  • We would like to draw the attention of our dear guests to the fact that, from an environmental point of view,   the Hotel  only changes the towels placed on the bathroom floor , and that bed linen is changed every 4 days  .


  • The Hotel undertakes washing and ironing according to the laundry list.
  • According to the Hotel’s fire protection regulations, it is forbidden to use your own iron in the room, but the Hotel provides an iron and ironing board upon request.


  • Hotel guests’ vehicles can be parked in an unguarded, closed parking lot in the Hotel’s underground garage for a fee.
  • A limited number of parking spaces are available, advance booking is not possible.
  • In the parking lot, you must drive according to the regulations of the KRESZ.
  • If the Guest wishes to use the parking lot, he must indicate the registration number of the vehicle on the registration form upon check-in. In case of refusal or failure to do so, the parking lot cannot be used.
  • The Hotel is not liable for any damage caused to the parked car (weather, damage caused by other vehicles, etc.).
  • The Guest is directly liable to the injured party for the damage he caused to another parked car.
  • Please leave the economic entrances free.


  • Breakfast is available every day between 06:30 and 10:00.
  • The breakfast is in the form of a buffet breakfast, i.e. without waiting staff, the Guest serves himself from the selection of food and drinks on the tables set up in the breakfast room.
  • The Hotel offers unlimited food consumption from the breakfast buffet, but  neither food nor drinks can be taken out for later consumption . If the Guest takes food and/or drinks out of the breakfast room for later consumption without the Hotel’s prior permission, the Hotel is entitled to charge 50% of the price of the breakfast (/ person/ occasion) to the Guest’s account.


  • In order to ensure the tranquility of the Guests,  after 10:00 p.m.  – except for events and programs organized or authorized by the Hotel –  loud music, noisy activities, sound effects, disturbing television viewing in the room,  etc. are prohibited.
  • Regardless of the time, any behavior that disturbs the peace, safety, sense of security and privacy of others is prohibited on the territory of the Hotel; constitutes or may constitute harassment and is capable of intimidating others.
  • The Hotel employee is entitled to warn the disruptive and/or loud Guest. After the warning, the Hotel is entitled to terminate the Hotel contract unilaterally, with immediate effect, and to immediately expel the Guest from the hotel without the obligation of repayment and/or compensation.
  • The Hotel excludes its responsibility for any harm caused to other Guests by the Guest’s behavior.

The Hotel is partly also a conference hotel, so at some events the Guest(s) may behave louder than usual in other places.


  • If the Guest falls ill during the use of the accommodation service and is unable to act in his own interest, the Hotel offers medical assistance.
  • The Guest uses the offered medical assistance at his own risk and responsibility.
  • The doctor is not an employee, agent, or contributor of the Hotel, and the Hotel excludes responsibility for the diagnosis, the therapy used, and its consequences.
  • In the event of illness/death of the Guest, the Hotel claims reimbursement of its costs from the sick/deceased’s relatives, heirs, or bill payer; with regard to possible medical and procedural costs, compensation for services used before death, and possible damage to equipment and furnishings in connection with the illness/death.
  • In the event of an infectious disease of the Guest, the Hotel is entitled to terminate the Hotel Agreement with immediate effect without refund or compensation. In this case, the Guest is obliged to leave the hotel with his luggage at his own expense within the period specified in the Hotel’s notice of termination. In the event of an infectious disease, the Hotel is subject to the 18/1998 (VI. 3.) NM is obliged to act in accordance with the decree. (This regulation prescribes what must be done in the event of an infectious disease. According to the regulation, if such suspicion exists, the Hotel will call a doctor and he will determine whether the Guest is contagious or not.)


  • Found objects can be handed in at the reception, where they will be registered.
  • Food, food-type articles and medicines are destroyed by the Hotel.
  • The Hotel keeps the items that can be stored for 3 months.
  • If the rightful owner of the found object comes forward, he can take over the object by presenting and signing a document proving his identity, as well as in return for reimbursement of the costs incurred in keeping it.
  • Items that cannot be kept by the Hotel due to their size, weight or other characteristics, the Hotel will immediately hand over to the regionally competent clerk.


  • In the case of cash, securities, and valuables, the Hotel is only obliged to compensate the damage incurred if the Hotel has taken them over for safekeeping.
  • The Hotel specifically draws the attention of the Guest to place his cash, valuables, and securities in the safe in the room.
  • If the safe does not work or does not work as intended, the Guest must inform the Hotel reception immediately. The Guest bears responsibility for damages resulting from failure to provide information or late information.
  • The Hotel is only liable for damage caused to the Guest’s other belongings if the damage occurred in a place normally used by the Guest or open to the Guest, for example: the Hotel room, corridor, lobby, garden, parking lot.
  • The Hotel is liable for damage or loss caused by the Guest’s belongings brought into the hotel – with the exception of things excluded from entry – in the event that the valuables or chattels have been proven to have been brought into the Hotel’s territory or into the hotel room. Proof is the responsibility of the Guest.
  • The Hotel is obliged to compensate the damage caused in this way up to fifty times the daily room price paid by the Guest.
  • The Hotel shall be released from its obligation to compensate if it proves that the damage was caused by an irreparable cause beyond the scope of the Guests and employees, or that the damage was caused by the Guest himself.
  • The Guest uses and uses the Hotel’s equipment, wellness and other services as intended, with awareness and knowledge of his own health, physical and mental state, therefore for damages resulting from use or use that is not intended or in accordance with the actual health, physical and mental state of the Guest the Hotel excludes its responsibility.
  • The Guest may request a wake-up call at his own risk, which is a gesture of attention on the part of the Hotel, and is not part of the Hotel’s contractual service. The Hotel is not responsible for any damages resulting from the failure of the requested wake-up call or a late wake-up call.


  • The Hotel provides information about the Guest’s current, past and future stays at the hotel  to third parties, including the Guest’s close relatives, only with the Guest’s prior written permission .
  • This prohibition of information does not apply to inquiries based on the law.
  • The Guest acknowledges that, based on the provisions of the law, the Hotel is obliged to release the personal data requested by the Guest in the request to the requesting authority, if the legal conditions are met.
  • The Hotel cannot object to the provision of data based on legislation, official or court decisions.

These Rules are valid until withdrawn.